#2 Superdiff – Art Projects

Why Superdiff Augmented Audio?

Superdiff is an AV 360 ° immersive streaming model that brings together in one functional whole the best multichannel methods and tools. Superdiff facilitates and unifies the preliminary creation, the live AV diffusion of the show and the subsequent distribution of the media on the net.

Superdiff Art Projects
Paa consulting – Superdiff Conférences
Stokata – Experimental Superdiff AudioVisuals
Pierre Aescher – Ambiant Superdiff guitar
Gil Everest and Eiger Nord Wand – Superdiff DJ Set
LDSPKR – Superdiff Music Label

Superdiff Art Projects exist, for the love of music first and to accompany, support, broadcast and make available this incredible experience, for real, now. While also offering artists, engineers and showgoers the opportunity to experience an immersive augmented sound by themselves.

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