Augmented Audio #1

Phase 1, music for the future superdiff show “Stokata”, stereo only for now… – Spark.


So you thought Alexa & Echo were nosy…

Buy an Apple HomePod and enjoy!
HomePod can snoop a lot more, it has a “sonar”: 24 microphones ready to gather quietly. With these, further to following you around when you speak, HomePod can also steer the sound where sound is needed. This is nice, Apple calls this Spatial Awareness.

Using this amazing technology, HomePod may possibly map the space around it as well as, potentially, the rough contours & dimensions of moving objects or static furniture populating your LR too.
Then, If a “four legged moving thing” is sensed, I wouldn’t be so surprised if you’d get advertisements for pet food.
Or, if your living room sounds a bit too lively, indicating there is a potential lack of stuff in it, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to me either if you’d get Ikea spams until your room acoustics improves… *

HomePod can also cooperate in flocks, how many do you need in your home?

*I just see possibilities here, that is my job. But if I can, my bet is that some brilliant minds at Infinite Loop can too.

Mixage Fou Jury Member

Mixage Fou, Paris – member of jury, with Merging Technologies. Exciting experience. Would multichannel immersive sound be essential, see urgent? For broadcasting, creation, content AND for live shows too.

Mixage fou 2019

And you, are you equipped? familiar? Interested? Visit us: more on superdiff

Zoe sounds cool, self assured, friendly

Other electric cars are silent, thus dangerous.
Renault had it right. Inside and out. When you hear a Zoe slowly driving past, it makes a pleased sound. It serves the safety purpose but does a lot more too: it conveys a sense of utter peacefulness and self assurance that is almost sexy. Sound is generated on purpose, via internal and external loudspeakers, and the content is a mix of sounds from voices, synthesisers and whispers, evolving with the speed of the car. Great job Renault!
Did you hear one drive by lately? Where you amazed by the sound too?

USB-C is NOT Thunderbolt 3 (T3)

While they do share the same connector

USB-C port is fast,
T3 port is much faster,

On USB-C, you can connect external stuff such as hard drives, mobiles phones, SSD drives, Ethernet, as well as older USB stuff.
On T3 you can connect all of these, even all at the same time, plus external screens and external AVB units.

AVB, Audio/Video Bridging, moves medias in realtime on your network. On OSX It only works on REAL T3 Ethernet adapters, so steer clear off all the USB-C only cheap options.

If you want to connect external screens, external SSD storage and/or AVB stuff go for the genuine T3, because it is 4 times faster and AVB ready. Sonnet, Elgato or Caldigit make real T3 adapters and hubs worth the investment…

What do you really want to do with the T3 / USB-C ports on you machine ?