Be nice to kids! Acoustically !

Class rooms are school equivalents of open spaces, at best. Recently I have been introduced to a conferencing solution reshuffled voice lift for class rooms. With the USP being that student in the back of the classes would actually be able to understand things that were said by the teacher. Great this is called a PA, this is what I do. I am happy to design such systems for any school in the known world… Just a tiny little detail here: is it always the appropriate solution?

Why not start with good room acoustics first then? This has been pretty well documented so far: about half of the pupils in most of the classrooms today can’t really understand a word of what is being said by the teacher, because of poor room acoustics. So, why would you pile up kids in classrooms for most of their best days of childhood, ask them to remain quiet and attentive AND get them to do so in an acoustically challenging environment for about half of them.

Do you think simple, elegant &  affordable solutions exist?

Talk to a specialist.