Must read writers

Are you interested in reading or watching inspiring views, new insights, different takes on what enterprise, humans and the world can be?

Among others, these 3 dudes indeed are inspiring. And while I believe they, Gunther Pauli, Simon Sinek & Alexandre Gerard, should be universally famous already, I keep on bumping on people who truly are awed to hear about them and alleviated that their actions are for real, hence my post of this week.

The future is happening now and what these writers do, invent or implement is just great and exciting!

Code / Poésie – Digital lyric

Château de Morges, now, until May 10

What are you doing for the future?

Rainer Maria Rilke, Charles Pennequin, Darth Vader embrace modernity and these fascinating characters indulge in the beauty of computer art, virtual reality, immersive sound, until early May in the historic setting of the Château de Morges.

Do you want to contemplate a today where history and the future reach out to discover magnified poetry via playful, creative and digital installations? The secular museum hosts a fascinating exhibition where our cultural heritage is transcended by the most innovative sound and visual museography!

Peaceful immersive sound year

Our universe is bathed in a thousand sounds, sometimes nice, sometimes disturbing.

We invite you to dive in the experimental and immersive four-minute video that we have created for you, with DomB, for the images. Connect your headphones and have fun wandering around in the 360° audio and visual space …

From 2’20” on, you will discover a binaural sound which induces a feeling of relaxation. With 6 Hz, Theta waves.

We wish you a sound universe where peace reigns. Daily.

Thanks, Pierre André Aebischer

PAA consulting / Sound Design

Explore together new horizons of images and sounds


Need adequate soundscapes?

SuperDiff, unlimited audio 

– Clearly perceive each sound, precisely localised. Notice every detail, every instrument, every intention, subtle or ample.

Do you want to experience that for yourself?

Wish for great sound? Stokata.IO

Do you often dream sound around you was amazing. Do you wish you could have & share that experience?

Stokata IO is an Immersive / Imaginary / Invisible / Infinite Orchestra & multichannel concert. Stokata IO also is a conference/expérience on the future of audio or an Art Installation, depending on the demand and context.

More on Stokata.IO

Stokata IO | Live immersive audio

Short show @ Motiongraphics 10.10.19 | 18h30

Stokata IO, an immersive sound experience, a concert, a workshop. To share & discover the beauties of augmented audio.

When someone’s sad he listens to the lyrics, when he is happy he listens to the music…
Or, he enjoys the space between the notes.


Second Thursdays in Sévelin 32b, c/o Co-working Motiongraphics,

Do you like beauty, open spaces, serenity & music?
Immersive audio is for you! October 10 with:

> Stokata Invisible Orchestra
> Local beer, rosé & lemonade
> Cultural & sound experience

SuperDiff experience at October 1st – Meetup

Immersive audio experience & conference, with Stokata invisible orchestra….

> Presentation of the Superdiff context and concept
> Listen to a musical title in sound immersion, mixed in front of you
> Questions & Answers
> Listen to other kinds of music to choose from …

More info & booking

SuperDiff 2nd Thursday, September 12th

@ Motiongraphics Space Immersive After work
Lausanne, Sévelin 32, 18h30

Stokata immersive ambiant concert / showcase / drinks
By invitation & booking only,

Please book here

Showcase & conference, Lausanne, September 5th

Private Event

AER Sarl
Acousticiens Experts,
10th year anniversary

Thursday September 5th, 18h00 / 20h00