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Must read writers

Are you interested in reading or watching inspiring views, new insights, different takes on what enterprise, humans and the world can be? Among others, these 3 dudes indeed are inspiring. And while I believe they, Gunther Pauli, Simon Sinek & Alexandre Gerard, should be universally famous already, I keep on bumping on people who truly […]

Code / Poésie – Digital lyric

Château de Morges, now, until May 10 What are you doing for the future? Rainer Maria Rilke, Charles Pennequin, Darth Vader embrace modernity and these fascinating characters indulge in the beauty of computer art, virtual reality, immersive sound, until early May in the historic setting of the Château de Morges. Do you want to contemplate […]

Peaceful immersive sound year

Our universe is bathed in a thousand sounds, sometimes nice, sometimes disturbing. We invite you to dive in the experimental and immersive four-minute video that we have created for you, with DomB, for the images. Connect your headphones and have fun wandering around in the 360° audio and visual space … From 2’20” on, you […]

Need adequate soundscapes?

SuperDiff, unlimited audio  – Clearly perceive each sound, precisely localised. Notice every detail, every instrument, every intention, subtle or ample. Do you want to experience that for yourself?

Why move to multi-channel immersive audio?

Because anything is possible, now. A bit like in the 60’s when the Beatles and the Stones were inventing show-business and stereo. Likewise, today all multichannel audio / immersive / spatialized / SuperDiff can be questioned, experimented, created. I love this moment. Even naming and best practice conventions still are evolving, but it exists! Big […]

Yes, size matters! Ask the Rolling Stones!

For music, tempi, beats, at least. It is as if the very place where the music is played was, is, part of the music itself, just like one extra big instrument being part of the band. Interestingly, there is an absolute critical size, for rooms, around  the 100 m2 range where sound start to react […]

Be nice to kids! Acoustically !

Class rooms are school equivalents of open spaces, at best. Recently I have been introduced to a conferencing solution reshuffled voice lift for class rooms. With the USP being that student in the back of the classes would actually be able to understand things that were said by the teacher. Great this is called a […]

Adequate acoustic treatment, a profitable investment for your open space?

Questions, phones, emails, notifications, pop-ups, messages, 6 different potentialities to be interrupted daily. At 20 minutes on average for a return to concentration, two hours lost. In open space, add a minimum of 6 interruptions generated by unrelated noises, 2 more useless hours, a total of 4 hours of productivity per day soaring. These figures […]

Why silence or near silence is a must, not an ANC system

Sometimes active noise cancelling may help, a little, because they can reduce background noise, just like that help a bit with sound engines reduction in airplanes. But these mostly work by detecting cycles of sound. So, by design they will work better with aviation engine sounds that are inherent cyclic, but not so much with […]

Why are better soundscapes desirable?

Let’s go back to the bush for a second. Back then, you were immersed in an ultra peaceful 360° soundscape. Most of the noises around were soothing sounds: wind in the leaves of high trees, a river nearby, small streams or friendly grass eating animals munching in the near vicinity, relax and safe in the […]