Why is sound so important for our well-being?

Your ears are on 24/7. Once your eyes are closed, all the processing power dedicated to the vision is reassigned to sound. You then hear the soundscape much better, in more details …

Our thinking part, the mind, can hope to make us believe that strong, annoying, persistent sounds or bad acoustics have no influence on us. In fact, the impact takes place anyway, it has even happened before any choice from “our behalf” can be made.

To give you an idea of the processing speeds of different parts of our brain: the thoughts you have, the decisions or ideas generated, all this happens in a window of a few hundred milliseconds. It’s very slow compared to other instinctive or intuitive processes in some of your brain regions that work in milliseconds. So keep in mind that even if your mind thinks itself as fast, a very old process, a little simplistic, is already proving faster: You are ready to run away, to stress or fight, your reptilian brain has managed the whole process, you hardly realize what is going on, but the game is already played …

Wish for great sound? Stokata.IO

Do you often dream sound around you was amazing. Do you wish you could have & share that experience?

Stokata IO is an Immersive / Imaginary / Invisible / Infinite Orchestra & multichannel concert. Stokata IO also is a conference/expérience on the future of audio or an Art Installation, depending on the demand and context.

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Why better understanding and treating our soundscapes contributes to creating a better world for us to live in.

Although today we like to see ourselves as 21st century urban beings, we are still mostly hunter-gatherers. Our body anyway. In fact, just 10 000 years ago, we roamed the countryside in tribes. Almost yesterday, then, the greatest danger we could face was being hunted by a large furry animal. For this, we are still staffed by an effective internal security officer, who has obvious advantages in being quick, especially when we are hunted by large animals. So part of us is incredibly fast and makes decisions that go far beyond our personal “will”, but which nevertheless greatly affect our well-being. These decisions are often based on sound cues and the part of us in charge is our automatic brain / reptilian … it conveys its once live saving requests via hormones such as cortisol, the stress hormone …



Stokata IO | Live immersive audio

Short show @ Motiongraphics 10.10.19 | 18h30

Stokata IO, an immersive sound experience, a concert, a workshop. To share & discover the beauties of augmented audio.

When someone’s sad he listens to the lyrics, when he is happy he listens to the music…
Or, he enjoys the space between the notes.


Second Thursdays in Sévelin 32b, c/o Co-working Motiongraphics,

Do you like beauty, open spaces, serenity & music?
Immersive audio is for you! October 10 with:

> Stokata Invisible Orchestra
> Local beer, rosé & lemonade
> Cultural & sound experience