Noisy Apple AirPods

If you thought your shiny white earbuds were offering you a private & relaxing commuting experience, think again… they don’t. People in the same carriage can witness your inclination for a morning Deadmau5.

Not only Apple, but everyone knows what and when you are listening, … Because these things let out all the high frequency content, while they let in much of the ambiant sounds too, this forces you to use extra high sound pressure to cover the background noise. Not good, for you, at all.

If you fancy respecting yourself, or the commute times of your fellow passengers, or both, you might want to play stuff with fewer hi frequency & transients content, or even better, buy a real quality headset with proper noise cancellation. (B&O, Sony, Bose, 1More)

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#3 Superdiff – Augmented Audio – Quick Start

  • Starting a Superdiff project is easy. It is all about distributing energy. Just use one loudspeaker addressing the entire crowd for every instruments/musicians on stage. Already it works nicely as is. Extrapolating, enhancing that first idea makes things a little more complex, but very much amazing and incredibly fun. Some basic rules of thumb and guidelines will help make a Superdiff system easier to use, even when hosting traditional stereo acts for the first time.

For example, some rules tend to emerge for giving more importance to center loudspeakers clusters above the stage, at least for elements with strong rhythmics components. So, forgetting a little about side and rear coverage tends to remove concerns for adequate placement of rhythmical contents in appropriately located sources.

Adding a dedicated object oriented matrix mixer/router between the mixing desk and the Superdiff system, allows for continuous movements of sound sources across the entire audio stage. And this is nice. It also makes the whole process of placing or automating sources in a soundscape an ergonomic pleasure, all with adequate front/rear, dry/wet, bright/dark balance.

On the very same idea of providing even coverage and smooth transitions between loudspeaking groups, every loudspeaker in the system needs to offer basic capabilities such as line source properties for smooth vertical coverage and wide, up to 180°, horizontal coverage. Obviously, the different groups of loudspeakers will have to provide homogeneous and coherent phase & frequency responses. Ideally it will be identical models. Of course the entire system is to be designed so it reaches the entire crowd. As much as possible.

#2 Superdiff – Art Projects

Why Superdiff Augmented Audio?

Superdiff is an AV 360 ° immersive streaming model that brings together in one functional whole the best multichannel methods and tools. Superdiff facilitates and unifies the preliminary creation, the live AV diffusion of the show and the subsequent distribution of the media on the net.

Superdiff Art Projects
Paa consulting – Superdiff Conférences
Stokata – Experimental Superdiff AudioVisuals
Pierre Aescher – Ambiant Superdiff guitar
Gil Everest and Eiger Nord Wand – Superdiff DJ Set
LDSPKR – Superdiff Music Label

Superdiff Art Projects exist, for the love of music first and to accompany, support, broadcast and make available this incredible experience, for real, now. While also offering artists, engineers and showgoers the opportunity to experience an immersive augmented sound by themselves.

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Immersive audio done right

Do you long for better, clearer, softer, wider audio with more oomph and better localisation? Do you wish this could be achieved today. We do. It can.

Object based mixing matrix, 18 audio channels & full range line source loudspeakers, 7 in the front, this sounds just incredibly right!

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Your own personal immersive Island

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